My Spanking Bench Morning

I’m not a morning person. D totally is. I’ve had to fake functioning all my life. The world doesn’t value the solitude and peace of nighttime, as I do. So this morning I knew some preemptive spanking was planned. I thought I had escaped my “wake up call” when I noticed Carrie had stayed overnight. As far as he knew it was happening because Amber had left for school.

Laying my tired forehead beside his shoulder I carefully announced that (an albeit older) child’s ears, would postpone his three day old decision about what was needed to “get me through” this weekend.

“Well Honey, I think her ears are your problem this morning; I’m not changing our plans. I’ll run the shower & fan. She’s a heavy sleeper.”

And so it goes. I lined the doorway with pillows, trying to control & contain sounds. I walked to the spanking bench and couldn’t quite negotiate how I was to place myself. He found it silly when I asked him.

“You designed it!” Yeah, ok, well there’s just not enough daylight to get me to recall what to do when it was obviously not an otk moment. I wandered over it like some neutered animal who had forgotten the particulars of having sex while in the presence of a wanton. Thinking I was stalling and not confused, I heard him speak strongly making me feel even more a stranger to my next actions.

“Let’s Go! I’ve got to get into the office.” I chose the long way, my knees in mid air. I knew the next part of the routine exposed on many levels, i preped myself for what I’d been warned would be quick & intense He paced around ” discussing ” why I needed to think before I talked, how important it was to consider that he, perhaps, should, could, and would be listened to this weekend.

Well so far, so good. I can report that I’ve gotten a third of the way through without an inordinate amount of those special looks that follow my voice closely.

I can humorously report that it was not me who felled the first sexual double-entendre! And omg was it a good one! The sad part was she was not used to this role and had no clue about how one socially glosses over such moments. (I on the other hand can write volumes on feigning innocence!) and so she began to snicker like some teenager. After we regained some order (and while she sat there clamping her hand over her mouth as if it were a separate entity that had betrayed her), I looked over at D and said, “Well at least it wasn’t me this time!”. (it’s always me!)

On the way home he reminded me we would not have any chance of any kids being around tomorrow night. If I had any memory, I should keep up the good work. And to think I had to practically beg this man to even consider Dd! Times, they are a changin’.

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11 comments on “My Spanking Bench Morning

    • Sara, please forgive me for being hideously late and rude goes without saying. And yes it ain’t over ’til it’s over. But I did manage to make it through. unscathed. Not the anyone will ever recognize it but me, but I’m boringly good. sighs….. But if my mind could only be read… ;) mwhaa hah haaaaa

    • LOL Meow – look what you started! OK … in my defense it is a giant rectangle and I only thought I’d be OTK … I didn’t know if I should drap myself across (one foot in the jacuzzi and the other bumping into the shower) and then there’s these steps all over – it’s pretty darn complicated for a bathroom – just excusin’ The funny part was keeping a straight face with the contractor who knows me too well! Then there was the ‘should I kneel, lay, if I lay and kick my legs that could get him ticked off…. I think too much!!!

  1. Let me see, things he could say to you in code (for future reference). “Let’s bench this idea for another time” “You better not go there, or I will need to summon my bench men.” or maybe even, “There is no kiss, like a bench kiss.” None would be the wiser! So glad to hear how well D is “catching on”, just like Johnny Bench
    I suppose. lol! -E

    • Well Robert, My contractor is really close to our family, he know I write fiction that is of the sorted sort, he once needed to measure something and ran across our paddles in the bedroom – If I show a picture he’d recognize his work. We’ve socially glossed over most circumstances – I’d rather he not show up with a HUGE smirk on his face!

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