Spanking Bench

“So tell my about this bench KayLynn”
I wanted to be honest. 
Building a spanking bench was a dream for me.  I made me feel really excited the night he said, “What do you want me to do to you tonight?”  He makes me say “I want you to spank me”.  It puts me on a level of vulnerability having to ask for it.  To make me really crazy he says slowly with his smooth deep voice “How do you want it?”  He’s put me into such a submissive state of mind that I have trouble getting any words out.   with myself simultaneously. 
Doors bang and unexpectedly older kids come home and are walking throughout the house totally interrupting the night I’ve craved since the last time.  I get very frustrated but remain resigned.  He rarely spanks when the kids are around.  And only then it’s because I’ve been losing it completely and he knows he’s got a job to do.  Those are very rare nights when he doesn’t care who hears – I’m getting what I deserve in a way and it thrills me and scares me.  So this particular night when he knows the importance of continuing he says, Go turn on the shower and wait for me in the bathroom.  I had just showered so I knew it was to cover the sound. 
I looked at the bench with hopes.  I didn’t even allow it to be used in my fantasies.  It was going to hurt if I had built it and it never got it’s purposed use.  So I tried not to be hopeful.  I’m feeling like we are doing something in public, except it’s not anonymous – so it’s more daring to me.  Just a few seconds go by, but my mind’s swirling around with anticipation.  I really need this.  It feels what I’m guessing having an addiction must be like.  I have to have this…
He came in with that thick wicked Pan Paddle.  I felt my knees go weak with the words as he sat down “I think you’d better get over here”.  Walking about four steps to him is both the easiest and the hardest thing to do.  It’s like approaching the seated King.  The power dynamics are a bit confusing – he looking up at me.  But not for long.  And soon everything feels right again as we begin my favorite dance together.  He bends me over onto his lap.  My legs are crossed at my ankles trying to absorb my tension.  My knees are bent initially at a forty five degree angle to the bench.   I wait with my hands next to my shoulders. My right cheek resting on the wood.
He likes to make me wait, rubbing me, teasing with playful smacks.  But play time is over.  And then it builds and it builds.  My legs uncross and shoot out.  My hands flare out gripping the flat surface in vain.  I move my left  hand to grip the sides of the bench.  Eventually I move my left arm up and underneath.  I’m happy that it’s about a foot deep and hangs over the base.  I can then anchor myself  when it feels like too much (but it never will be).  He firmly pushes me down with his left hand sensing I need to feel his full dominance.  When he finishes spanking me he guides me to the sink and places my hands on the counter. 
Thanks Florida Dom for reminding me I needed to post about my spanking bench. 
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